Frequently asked questions

In the following you will find a collection of frequently asked questions concerning the EXAM 11 Software and their solutions.


Where do I find the EXAM 11 database version?

The EXAM 11 database version identifies the status of your EXAM 11 questionnaires. Click onto the Peters Software logo in the upper left edge of the Software window. By choosing the menu option "About EXAM 11" you will achieve the desired informations.


How often can I install EXAM 11?

You can install the Software EXAM 11 onto two computers, including the requirement, that only you as a person is using EXAM 11.


It’s not possible to start the eacademy or Exam Online with Windows 8.

Please be aware that you have to start the software by using the compatibility mode. Please click on the sign and your Internet Explorer will start in the compatibility mode.


Flash Player not found

Some learning material uses flash animations. To show these, the Adobe Flash Player version NPAPI has to be installed on the system. It can be downloaded for free at and installed without problems in addition to any already installed standard version of Adobe Flash Player. Please:

  1. choose your operating system
  2. set the version to "FP xx for Firefox - NPAPI" (regardless which browser you are using)
  3. deactivate the checkbox for optional addon installs (e.g. McAfee) if applicable
  4. download and install the flash player


How can I install the Software a third time, in case of the use of a new computer or the change of a computer?

After logging in onto our Website you can delete your activated Installations by choosing the option "Activations" and clicking the button "Reset activations".

After that you can install the Software on up to two computers. To reactivate an already installed but deleted activation, the Software will ask for your EXAM 11 password during the next start of the installed version.

You cannot use three installations at a time.


How can I install Exam on my Mac?

This video shows you which steps you may take to install exam correctly.


How can I start EXAM 11 as administrator?

You may put your mouse cursor above the desktop icon of EXAM 11. Please make a "right click" and select the fourth option "run as administrator".

After the confirmation EXAM will start.

You have to do this procedure only once, afterwards you can start EXAM 11 by "double click".


Can I install a bought EXAM 11 Softwareversion on an iPad or iPhone?

EXAM 11 is working with the operating systems Windows, MAC OS X and iOS (iPad). Unfortunately the software cannot be installed on an iPhone.
Owners of an EXAM 11 version for Windows or MAC OS X get special conditions for the questionnaire for iPad (EXAM App) as long as it is within the update period. For this purpose, please contact the Peters Software GmbH.
The learning materials (Mentor books) are currently only available in the Apple iBookstore und therefore not linked to the EXAM App.


Exam on the Windows 8

Please be aware that you have to use the Internet Explorer from the desktop view. The one on the tiles-view does not run with Java and you need it to
download the installer.


Which EXAM versions are supported?

The support via E-mail or Telefon is only for The Software EXAM 11.

All older versions of EXAM cannot be supported anymore.


Which EXAM versions can be updated/upgraded?

All EXAM 11 versions are updated automatically during the first 12 months after the first installation.

During those 12 month you can extend your update period for low priced conditions.


Are there any discounts for customers, clubs or flightschools?

We do offer a lot of different software packages and versions for really good prices, so that we do not have any further discounts for normal customers.

For flightclubs and flightschools we have really interesting price structures. Please contact us for more information.


I have a suggestion to improve the PPL questionnaire 2014

In April 2014, the new PPL questionnaire has been published. It has been prepared under the leadership of German Aero Club (DAeC), together with the specialists from all areas of aviation. All parties have carefully and conscientiously reviewed the questions and answers. But should any errors be detected, you may send your notice via email to


Examination advice of the "Luftfahrt-Bundesamt"

The following link contains numerous advice about the theoretical examination in Braunschweig, for the licences (e.g. ATPL/CPL/IR/HP(A)).

We recommend you to inform yourself well about the examination.


Examination advice of the "national aviation authorities"

The following "national aviation authorities" are testing with the electronical examination system EXAM Net:


  • Braunschweig / Wolfenbüttel
  • Bremen
  • Darmstadt
  • Dresden
  • Düsseldorf
  • Frankfurt Hahn
  • Freiburg (since November 2012)
  • Hamburg
  • Karlsruhe
  • Kassel (since January 2013)
  • Kiel
  • Münster
  • München
  • Nürnberg
  • Oldenburg
  • Stuttgart
  • Schwerin
  • Tübingen (since December 2012)
  • Weimar