As a software company, we are naturally interested in high security standards for information processing and safe guarding of personal data and processes.  Looking at the rapid development of information technology, we want to ensure that we cater to the increased safety demands of individuals and companies.  It is our clear objective to safeguard the personal rights of customers, business partners and employees.

Below is our statement on how we ensure the confidentiality of your personal data and how we respect your right for privacy.


  • This data protection declaration applies to the entire Internet presence of Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH.
  • We are not responsible for third party website contents, even it they can be reached through links in our network; our data protection policy does not apply for them. Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH is not liable or responsible for data protection policies of third party websites.
  • By using the Internet presence you agree that Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH will use and process your data as described herein.


  • Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH collects personal information when you register for a service, including but not limited to your name, address and current country of citizenship, or when you provide other voluntary information (e.g., as part of an order).
  • Your web browser automatically sends information when you open our website. This information contains URL, IP address, browser type, language and data and time of your request, among other things.


  • All data collected on our website will be used solely to serve you.
  • Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH assures that your data will be treated confidentially according to the data protection act.
  • Peters Software must provide information to law enforcement authorities and courts for purposes of law enforcement by legislation.
  • This website uses cookies and Google Analytics to improve your online experience and to analyze how you use our Internet presence. This enables us to improve our services. The data generated is sent to Google USA and stored there. Google will forward this information under certain circumstances to third parties if required by law, or if third parties are processing this data by Google.

Your rights

  • Please contact us if you require additional information about personal stored data, its origin and the purpose of its storage.
  • You have the right to object to the use of your data by Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH. We will delete or lock your data without delay.


  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions which were not answered through this data protection policy, or if you require more information on a specific topic.