Distance Learning Courses with the EXAM eAcademy



In the past the largest share of the cost of a modular theory has been invested in the external acquisition of a distance learning course. Unpacking and inspection of the massive paper documents did not meet the expectations of the trainee pilots. For flight schools, it meant:

  • High cost theory and overall training costs by expensive distance learning courses.
  • Theory courses with documents, which were partly already very old.
  • Detailed monitoring of the student during the distance learning course is not realistically possible.
  • Students finished distance learning course too late. Therefore students changed their flight scholl for class room training to the next available supplier.

Peters software starts with the product EXAM eAcademy the next generation of modular training within flight schools. With the EXAM eAcademy flight schools can offer their students learning concept, which is both methodologically and technologically matched to the requirements of modern learning.


Flight schools provide own and officially authorized distance learning course (UL, PPL, IR, CPL, ATPL).

  • Liberation from old training methods and outdated documents.
  • Adoption of incomprehensibly high prices and immediate reduction in costs.
  • Simultaneous increase of training quality.
  • Safe and high quality planning and monitoring of training.













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